Gran RU acoustic art collection by Wilhelmiina Kosonen | Romance
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The GranRU Romance combines the visual world of Scandinavian traditional handicrafts and tufted rugs, ecological materials and contemporary processing methods in new, innovative way to create a unique visual and acoustic experience.

The Gran RU Romance series consists of three different motifs: Flora, Rosa and Stitch. The motifs are formed with x’s which are impressed from the surface of the panel, forming a repetitive pattern, an acoustic ”wall paper”.

The acoustic Romance collection is equally suitable for offices, private homes and public spaces. The Romance is quite flexible by the needs of space. You can use Romance panels in thoughtful installations with only few panels or when the situation arrives, making strong impression when installed as acoustic wall/used as a wallpaper.

The visual outlook is based on hundred cutouts that create play of shadows and light and could never be duplicated by "printing". It´s real, 3d form/shape that makes acoustically perfect sense.


There are four standard colors to choose from: sheep white, black, gold and blue. Custom colors available by request.


Two standard sizes for Romance panels: Romance S: 580x580 mm and Romance L: 1160x1160 mm

Depth: 40 mm for both sizes

Weight: S: 1.8 kg/pcs and L 7.2 kg/pcs

Custom sizes available by request


The acoustic material of the panels is surface peat moss, a 100% ecological Finnish patented innovation that is also acoustically ultra effective (absorption Class A). The material has really pleasant, organic and unique visual texture. There is literally piece of Finnish nature inside every panel.


For every panel there is a mounting strip fastened to the wall with two screws. After mounting the strips, the panel is ready to be hung on the wall. The mounting system maximizes the acoustic effect by creating a 25 mm air gap between the panels and the wall.

Usa and limitations

The GranRU PORI is equally suitable for offices, private homes and public spaces. The material has CE marking and M1 classification for indoor air quality.

To minimize chemical strain on the environment there are no added fire retardants in the panels. The product is classified as a decorative element in spaces with restrictive fire class regulations.

If needed please confirm the meeting of local fire requlations based on these quidelines.


Gran RU Romance panels requires minimal maintenance. In the case of extensive dust collection, please use a regular vacuum cleaner with textile nozzle.


3-5 weeks, depending on order backlog and country of delivery.

Please add 2 week for order outside Europe/EU area.

GranRU Romance
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